November 17, 2022

Advice for young people on anti-bullying


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Bullying can happen to anyone. If you are being bullied, whether it's online, at school, at work or in any other environment, you are not alone! It can feel very difficult to reach out when you feel alone or isolated. Young Bristol have collected information about bullying and resources you can use for advice in light of anti bullying week 2022.


What is bullying?

Bullying is unwanted and potentially aggressive behaviour. This can stem from an imbalance of power and is always a repeated incident over a period of time. Bullying can take place in many forms, however, it is always deliberate and directed. Some specific examples of bullying include:

  • Sexism - bullying focused on someone being of the opposite sex.
  • Racism - bullying focused on someone being of a certain race or skin colour.
  • Cyber bullying - targeting an individual online. Can be anonymous but can be from someone you know.
  • Homophobic - bullying focused on someone being a certain sexual orientation.
  • Religious - bullying focused on someone's beliefs or faiths


Getting help for bullying

Ignoring bullying will never make it go away. As hard as it may be, bullying needs to be reported to a trusted adult. No one deserves to be bullied

If you are being bullied at school, your school should have an anti bullying policy in place. Report the issue to a trusted teacher, or a friend who can report this for you. You can also speak to a school nurse, councillor, welfare officer or any one else at your school you may trust. You can also tell your parents and carers, they can report this to the school for you.

If you are being bullied online, you can report abuse and bullying on any social media channel. They should all have an abuse and anti bullying policy in place. Make sure to keep reporting the bullying until it has stopped. Reporting it one time sometimes may not be enough. Tell a parent, carer or close relative, there are here to help you.

If you are being bullied outside of school/work, talk to your parents, carers and close relatives. Our youth clubs are also a safe space for all young people. You can report any bullying to one of our trained staff and they can help this to be reported or resolved.


Where to get advice

We've discussed reporting any bullying issues, but where can you get extra advice on bullying? If you ever need to talk to someone about bullying, some of our partners are here to talk. We have collected information from partners both locally and nationally who can help you.

National advice

  • NSPCC - This is a national charity that offer help to young people experiencing abuse, mental health and bullying. They provide services from Monday to Friday, 10:00am - 4:00pm.
  • National bullying helpline - This help line was designed specifically to tackle bullying and offers a helpline to anyone who needs to talk about any bullying issues that occur, no matter what environment the bullying is taking place. 
  • Young Minds - Your mental health may be affected as a result of bullying. They are a national charity that supports young people and parents with mental health and bullying.
  • Childline - A national help service which offers support surrounding bullying, abuse, your safety and the law.
  • Mind - If your mental health is being affected after being bullied, it's normal to feel low. Mind is another charity who target helping people with their mental health.

Bristol based advice

  • Off the record - This Bristol-based charity offers a mental health support team. They also offer hubs that you can attend and talk to someone about any issues you'd like to discuss.
  • Bristol Mind - This local Bristol charity offers a wide range of support, counselling and training.
  • SARI - The charity is more tailored towards racism and inequality. On their website, you can report hate crimes and they can provide support to any victims of hate crime.
  • Unique Voice - This Bristol based company run anti-bullying workshops for schools across Bristol. The workshops they run are eye-opening and can help towards the prevention of bullying. We recommend their programs to all schools across Bristol.

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July 11, 2024

Refurbishments transform Poole's Wharf Activity Centre

Thanks to Bristol City Council Community Infrastructure Levy Fund, we are pleased to see Pooles Wharf Outdoor Activity Centre under refurbishment, with exciting developments to the centre’s facilities and outdoor area!

Since its inception in 2000, our Pooles Wharf Activity Centre has evolved to become one of Bristol’s premier providers of outdoor pursuits. The vibrant hub is home to a broad range of water-based opportunities for Bristol’s young people and the wider community, as well as hosting Young Bristol’s Outdoor Employment Programme, Kayak Club, Holiday Clubs and more!

As part of the charity’s 2022-25 Strategic Priorities, we have focused on investing in our infrastructure, resources and buildings, ensuring young people and their communities have an environment that they can thrive in.

The centre’s refurbishments have been made possible by Bristol City Council's Community Infrastructure Levy Fund as well as matched investment from Young Bristol, which has enabled us to give a much-needed modernisation to the centre. The refurbishments to the centre include slip resistant safety flooring, energy efficient lighting throughout, fully accessible bathroom, as well as the addition of double glazing to further boost our energy efficiency, helping to bring down the cost of utilities.

The funding from Bristol City Council as well as our investments, have allowed us to transform the space, giving young people, schools, youth groups and the wider community an improved experience when accessing and using the facilities at the centre.

The improvements, which began earlier this year, have also seen the installation of a new kitchen, toilets, interior and exterior lighting, windows and flooring, as well as an expansion of the downstairs entranceway.

June 28, 2024

Thank you to the KFC Youth Foundation!

Young Bristol are excited to announce that we have received grant funding from the KFC Youth Foundation!

Ashton Vale Club for Young People, Hartcliffe Club for Young People, Sea Mills Boys' and Girls' Club and The Grove @ Bedminster Down were all selected amongst various other local organisations across KFC restaurant communities in the UK. Our aim with the funding will be to empower young people to reach their full potential!

At Young Bristol, we believe that every young person has the right to discover what they are capable of. We work with young people aged 8 - 19 (up to 25 for those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) in 16 communities in and around Bristol, in-turn, supporting their families and wider communities. The funding received from the KFC Youth Foundation is vital as it will allow us to continue our work with Bristol’s young people by supporting their clubs core needs.

Young Bristol would like to extend a huge thank you to the KFC Youth Foundation for recognising the work we do to help build positive futures for the young people of Bristol!

June 13, 2024

A warm welcome to our Fundraising Coordinators!

We are delighted to announce the appointment of India Crawford, Fundraising Coordinator and Louis Goldspring, Fundraising Coordinator!

India has experience of working with young people as both a Teaching Associate and a doctor based in Bristol. She has also previously helped with fundraising, supporting educational opportunities in the UK and abroad. India is looking forward to working with the Fundraising Team, ensuring Young Bristol can continue to make a positive impact through its programmes and services. Outside of work, India loves to cook and bake – and tries to balance this with a mix of long walks, cycling and Pilates!

Louis recently graduated University, studying Politics and International Relations. He has also worked in the charity sector since graduating, where he has worked as a Street Fundraiser for a homelessness and housing charity. Louis also had experience coaching young people in cricket. Louis is excited to join us as part of the Fundraising Team, where he plans to help us to secure funding for our current and future projects, as well as helping us to continue supporting young people. Outside of work, Louis enjoys sports - in particular cricket!

We hope you will join us in welcoming India and Louis to the Young Bristol team!

Team news
People are standing and holding each other's shoulders
May 19, 2024

Fundraising at AJ Bell Great Bristol run 2024!

On Sunday 19th May, 9 runners signed up to run the AJ Bell Great Bristol run, to raise money for Young Bristol!

Our 9 runners set off from the heart of Bristol City Centre and lapped around some of Bristol's most iconic landmarks and enjoyed the scenic views. The group that chose to fundraise for Young Bristol, set off from the starting line in the morning, and crossed the finish line with impressive lap times. Each of our runners pledged to raised a set amount, and each one smashed this target! Thank you to the group for all your fundraising efforts!

Thank you to our 9 runners who took part in the Half marathon in aid of Young Bristol!

If you are interested in taking part in a third party fundraising event for Young Bristol, click here to learn how you can fundraise for us.

Event news
May 7, 2024

Young Bristol’s Chief Executive recognised for Most Influential CEO Awards

Young Bristol are pleased to announce that our Chief Executive, Lee Williams DL, has been recognised in the CEO Monthly Magazine Awards 2024 as the ‘Most Influential CEO – South West England (Youth Charity)'.

The CEO Monthly Magazine looks to globally highlight the inspiring stories of award-winning CEO’s, who have proven to be outstanding, brilliant leaders within their sectors. The magazine showcases Lee’s 40 years’ experience, working in both private and public sectors, and explores how Lee has used this experience to drive Young Bristol forward over the past five years.

Lee was appointed as Young Bristol’s CEO in 2018, and since then has played an instrumental role in providing the charity with strategic leadership and financial management. Lee’s dedication has seen the charity achieve its collective goals, with growth in programmes and services for young people; as well as an increase in the charity’s annual income.

On being recognised for the ‘Most Influential CEO – South West England (Youth Charity)’ Award, Lee Williams DL said,

"We live in a forever changing world and I have no intention of slowing down or retiring. There is still so much I want to achieve personally and professionally. I intend to keep pushing the boundaries, trying new things, and continuously learning from those around me.”

Jamie Cameron, Co-Chair of Young Bristol adds to this,

This award recognises the huge developments that Lee has overseen since he took over as Chief Executive at Young Bristol. The charity really was in a very different place five years ago, and I don’t think many can imagine the journey that we have been on as an organisation. The Board of Trustees are really pleased to see Lee recognised in this fantastic way.”

The staff team and Board of Trustees at Young Bristol would like to congratulate Lee on this amazing achievement. We look forward to sharing the many exciting developments that lay ahead for the organisation over the upcoming 18 months, as we continue to grow our offer of high-quality services for young people.

You can read the full article from the CEO Monthly Magazine here.

Team news
April 30, 2024

Young people recognised for Bristol Young Heroes Award 2024!

Young Bristol are incredibly proud to announce that our young people have been shortlisted in the Bristol Young Heroes Awards 2024!

The Bristol Young Heroes Awards recognises and celebrates the valuable contribution that Bristol’s young people make to the city. The awards shine a light on those who have overcome difficult circumstances, made a difference to the lives of others, or have achieved something extraordinary this year!

Amelia, Hartcliffe Club for Young People - Environmental Hero

Amelia was nominated for the Environmental Hero Award after she helped to drive the importance of looking after local communities at her local Youth Club. She initially joined Hartcliffe Club for Young People in 2022 as a quiet and reserved young person, who had lost her confidence due to the pandemic. The club and staff team that work at her local Youth Club have not only helped her regain confidence, but also experience trips, residentials and the Spacemakers project!

“During lockdown the stresses and strains triggered a disorder called Trichotillomania for Amelia. Over the space of a year or so, this unfortunately got worse for her causing a huge knock in her confidence. Amelia’s confidence has grown so much and I truly feel that she is back to her happy outgoing self."

- Jemma, Amelia's Mum

Dasha, Outdoor Employment Programme, Sports Hero

Dasha was nominated for the Sports Hero Award after overcoming considerable challenges during 2023 while maintaining a focus on helping others and forwarding her own potential through academic studies and sports, highlighted since joining our Outdoor Employment Programme! Dasha has become a real inspiration to all the other young people attending the Young Bristol Outdoor Employment Programme and North Avon Canoe Club!

"Since joining the canoe club, Dasha has demonstrated boundless enthusiasm and resilience. It doesn’t to matter whether it’s raining, the wind is howling, or the water is cold and dirty, her desire to learn and a hunger for adventure means she takes on every challenge with exemplary levels of concentration, bravery, and good humour, we all believe she shows great potential.

- Nigel, North Avon Canoe Club

Hartcliffe 10, Hartcliffe Club for Young People, Team of Heroes

Hartcliffe 10 were nominated for the Team of Heroes Award after the group of young volunteers have chosen to give their time 4 evenings a week to support young people at Hartcliffe Club for Young People. The group have supported the delivery of youth work, community and social action projects across the BS13 area over the last 18 months, and have made a huge impact in the short time they have volunteered so far.

"As Club Leader, their isn’t enough that I can say to praise the commitment and dedication that these young people have demonstrated over the last 18 months. Not only have they made a difference to the lives of other young people in the area, but they have also had a massive impact dispelling the negative stereotypes that surround teenagers."

- Simon, Club Leader at Hartcliffe Club for Young People

Kyle, Hartcliffe Club for Young People - Action Hero

Kyle was nominated for the Action Hero Award after overcoming significant barriers last year. Hartcliffe Club for Young People have seen an amazing and significant transformation in Kyle since joining the club at the start of 2023, initially joining as a young person who was quiet, reserved and struggled to make friends.

“He thoroughly enjoys his volunteer role and supporting other children at the Club to achieve their goals. Volunteering has really helped Kyle to develop and become a stronger individual, as a family we couldn’t be prouder of how far he has come.”

- Kyle's Mum

Looked After Children, BS14 Youth Club- Team of Heroes

The BS14 Looked After Children team were nominated for the Team of Heroes Award after leading Open Access club sessions, specifically targeted at "Looked After Children", which is the only one of it's kind in the local area. The group have welcomed 70 young people since it's launch, with 797 total contacts with these young people!

“We would just like to say well done to the club staff for providing a safe space for our young people to go to. They have benefitted going to club because they get to meet other children, burn off some energy and learn new skills. We have found this to be invaluable as we carers can socialise whilst our young people are enjoying themselves, safe in the knowledge that they are being well looked after by staff who have built up good relationships with them.

- Carer, Looked After Children group

Missie, The Grove @ Bedminster Down - Super Hero

Missie was nominated for the Super Hero Award as she has demonstrated remarkable resilience and dedication as a Young Leader. She has grown to be a beacon of inspiration for all and Missie has been able to build strong relationships with both staff and young people since her time at The Grove. Even in the face of personal loss when her beloved Nan passed, Missie has found solace and purpose in her volunteer work at her local youth club.

“Volunteering at The Grove has helped me in many ways. It’s made me feel connected to my community, it’s helped me conquer troubles of mental health, and volunteering has made me feel less isolated and pushed me out of my comfort zone!”

- Missie, Young Leader and young person at The Grove @ Bedminster Down

Young Bristol would like to recognise Ellis and our Outdoor Activities Team, who have also achieved incredible things during 2023. Thank you Bristol Young Heroes for highlighting everything our young people have achieved! We wish all our shortlisted young people and teams the best of luck at the Bristol Young Heroes Awards on Friday 5th July 2024!

Team news
April 16, 2024

Young Bristol's Creative Writing Competition winners 2024!

We are delighted to announce that Peyton from Hartcliffe Club for Young People and Orla from The Grove @ Bedminster Down are the winners of our 2024 Creative Writing competition!

Last month, we hosted a Creative Writing competition across our Community Youth Club network. Young people from each club were encouraged to write a short poem or story to be entered into our competition. The creative pieces were shortlisted by Club Leader's and submitted to our judges

We received 8 shortlisted entries from across our club network, our judges chose a senior and junior winner from the range of amazing creative writing skills that were showcased in the competition!

The winner from our junior age group is Orla from The Grove @ Bedminster Down and the winner of our senior age group is Peyton from Hartcliffe Club for Young People! The pair were awarded with a framed and printed copy of their written piece and a £15 Amazon gift card each. Congratulations both!

April 2, 2024

Young Bristol awarded Charity of the Year!

We are incredibly proud to announce that Young Bristol have been awarded "Charity of the Year" award at the Bristol Life awards!

On Wednesday 27th March 2024, our team attended the Bristol Life Awards and it was great to be recognised for our hard work and dedication to young people across Bristol!

In the last year, Young Bristol has seen an incredible amount of change and success! 2023 was a year of investment, development and growth at Young Bristol, where we have had an expansion in delivery for young people, an increase in partnerships with new youth organisations and businesses both locally and nationally, the securing of long-term funding for our vast programme of services, the introduction of innovative programmes that have transformed communities across the city, as well as significant investment in our people and our buildings.

March 21, 2024

Run the AJ Bell Bristol for Young Bristol!

Now more than ever before, young people and families across Bristol need the support of charity’s such as Young Bristol.

Are you continuing your 2023 health and fitness habits? Do you want to run a 10km race or half marathon this year? You can make a difference by taking on the AJ Bell Great Bristol run and raise money for a local cause! Grab your trainers and get fundraising!

"The day was perfect for running. The build up was easier knowing you’re raising money for such a worthwhile cause!” Justin, Bath Half Marathon runner 2023

The AJ Bell Great Bristol run takes place on Sunday 19th May 2024, from 9:30am. Both the 10km and half marathon start in the heart of Bristol City Centre and laps around some of our cities most iconic landmarks and provides super-scenic views! We ask that runners taking part in aid of Young Bristol pledge to raise £250!

By entering the race, you will receive:

  • Free event day tracking app
  • A bespoke finishers medal
  • Optional finishers t-shirt
  • Finishers pack
  • Run number, personalised with your name
  • A FREE Young Bristol runners vest

Event news