December 14, 2021

Our Impact in 2020-21


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"You can see how our work continues to change lives; and it is these stories that inspire all of us to do more."

We are very proud to publish this year's Impact Report for 2020-21, which demonstrates the positive impact Young Bristol are continuing to have on so many children and young people, in and around Bristol.

This year's Impact Report was launched at our President's Meeting on Wednesday 1st December 2021. The President's Meeting welcomed our staff team, Trustee Board and Vice Presidents to discuss our Impact during 2020-21 and Young Bristol's 2021-24 Strategy development.

The meeting explored how Young Bristol has consulted with children and young people, our supporters, national bodies and stakeholders, together with the wider community throughout 2021. It is really important for the team at Young Bristol to reflect on how far we have come over the years, helping us to build our future aspirations for the organisation, to be able to respond to future needs and keep young people at the heart of everything that we do.

Our impact

*"The way the youth sector has come together, both locally and nationally has shown how we can work together to respond to the needs of young people."

Young Bristol has been at the core of Bristol’s communities for over 90 years, adapting and evolving when faced with challenges, to ensure that we are there in local communities, providing safe spaces, empowering and inspiring children and young people to overcome and achieve great futures.

This has been a year unlike any others, as we were faced with the unprecedented challenge of supporting young people during a pandemic and multiple national lockdowns. At a time when we knew that young people desperately needed safe spaces to go to, opportunities to connect with their friends and to try something new; we were not able to open the doors of our clubs and activity programmes for large periods of the year. With that in mind, I am incredibly proud of the way that the Young Bristol team adapted its way of working to continue to meet the needs of young people.

The effects of the pandemic on young people are significant, but are not new, and have served to highlight the issues of loneliness, wellbeing and poor employment prospects that so many young people across the city were sadly already facing. There are no quick answers to these issues, but we know the preventative value and long term impact of our work, and we remain committed to providing quality open access provision in our local communities.

Looking to the future, we want to build on what we have learnt from the last year and to invest in our people, facilities and partnerships to meet the increasing demand for our support. With that in mind, I have been really pleased to see the way that the youth sector in Bristol came together through this period and we are looking forward to working as part of the Bristol Voluntary and Community sector (VCS) youth work group to develop and deliver its new strategy.

As we look ahead, I am pleased to share our 2020 – 21 Impact Report, which demonstrates the passion, drive and commitment of the staff team, trustees, fundraising committee and volunteers behind Young Bristol. Thank you for your fantastic and continued support, and I hope you enjoy reading our impact in this year’s report.

Jamie Cameron


Our key highlights

Some of our key highlights from this year’s Impact Report include:

  • 2,025 young people supported by our programmes during COVID-19
  • 20,492 reached on 69 interactive videos on social media
  • 629 face-to-face and online sessions delivered
  • 56 qualifications awarded by young people ages 8 – 25
  • 16 communities supported across Bristol and the surrounding areas
  • 4 new communities received youth provision during 2020 – 21
  • The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service was awarded to Young Bristol, the highest award a voluntary group can receive in the UK


Download our 2020-21 Impact Report


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April 23, 2024

Outdoor Employment Programme take part in Super Sliders event!

Over the weekend, young people from our Outdoor Employment Programme took part in the Super Sliders Bronze and Silver programmes!

What a great way for our Outdoor Employment Programme to start their weekend! A small group of our trainees travelled to the University of Bath's Training Village, where they took part in the Super Sliders Bronze and Silver programme. The team from Super Sliders had prepared a day full of activities for young people to get involved with and enjoy!

The programme started off with some "off-track" activities, where the group talked to Tabitha Stoecker and Patrick Atkin from Britain's Olympic Bobsleigh team! During this workshop, the group learnt about different bobsleigh equipment and were taught about a range of bobsleigh techniques!

The workshop continued onto some "on-track" activities, where the group put their learning into practice by using the bobsleigh equipment on the track. Young people all had the opportunity to push themselves down the track and improve their bobsleigh technique!

It was great to see our group of trainees try out new sports and push themselves out of their comfort zone! A huge thank you to Super Sliders for inviting us along to their most recent programme! We look forward to taking part in the next one soon!

April 18, 2024

Young Bristol's Easter Holiday Provision 2024!

This Easter half term, we saw two weeks of Open Access and Holiday Clubs delivered across our Community Youth Clubs and Outdoor Activity Centre. We worked with new and existing young people, providing them with enriching opportunities and a hot, healthy meal!

Young Bristol's Easter Holiday Clubs, for young people aged 8-19, were located in 6 locations across the city, where our Community Youth Club staff and Outdoor Activities team ran extended evening sessions for young people! Our team were able to provide young people with a number of exciting activities, a free prepared meal and a safe space to have fun! Our programmes were free for all to attend, with a focus on those in receipt of free school meals!

This Easter, Young Bristol saw:

  • 482+ contacts with young people
  • 29+ open access and holiday club sessions delivered
  • 50+ Free School Meals young people engaged with
April 16, 2024

Young Bristol's Creative Writing Competition winners 2024!

We are delighted to announce that Peyton from Hartcliffe Club for Young People and Orla from The Grove @ Bedminster Down are the winners of our 2024 Creative Writing competition!

Last month, we hosted a Creative Writing competition across our Community Youth Club network. Young people from each club were encouraged to write a short poem or story to be entered into our competition. The creative pieces were shortlisted by Club Leader's and submitted to our judges

We received 8 shortlisted entries from across our club network, our judges chose a senior and junior winner from the range of amazing creative writing skills that were showcased in the competition!

The winner from our junior age group is Orla from The Grove @ Bedminster Down and the winner of our senior age group is Peyton from Hartcliffe Club for Young People! The pair were awarded with a framed and printed copy of their written piece and a £15 Amazon gift card each. Congratulations both!

April 11, 2024

Young Bristol host interclub arts workshop 2024!

This week, we finished off the Easter Holiday period by hosting an Interclub Arts workshop for young people across our Community Youth Club network to enjoy!

Hartcliffe Club for Young People kindly hosted our Interclub Arts day, where we saw over 50 young people attend from across our Youth Club network, as well as a few young people who joined us from the Robins Foundation! The day offered a variety of workshops for all young people and staff members to enjoy! We saw young people from Ashton Vale Club for Young People, BS14 Stockwood Youth Club, Hartcliffe Club for Young People and The Grove @ Bedminster Down!

One of the workshops on offer was a graffiti workshop! Young people sketched their name onto a canvas, and then used spray paint and stencils to colour in their names! The group were then offered to create their own pieces using stencils and different spary paints. We saw some amazing artwork created, which young people all took home to hang on their walls! Thank you to Steven from Graffarty for running this workshop!

April 10, 2024

An egg-cellent donation from Leggwork!

During the Easter Half term, Young Bristol were delighted to receive a generous donation of Easter eggs from the local construction recruitment company, Leggwork!

Young Bristol were amazed when we received a donation of over 180 Easter eggs from corporate partner, Leggwork. The local recruitment company donated this large sum of Easter eggs to be handed out to all young people across our Community Youth Club network attending our Holiday Clubs, who may not have received an Easter egg this year.

It was amazing to see the excitement from young people when our team distributed eggs across our youth clubs! Thank you to Leggwork for your kind donation, we hope to continue working together in the future!

If you would like to help us support young people in Bristol, click here to find out more!

People are standing and holding each other's shoulders
April 3, 2024

SUEZ volunteer at The Grove @ Bedminster Down!

Last week, we were delighted to invite the team from SUEZ to The Grove @ Bedminster Down, where their generous volunteers dedicated their day to help improve our facilities for the benefit of young people.

After a long winter, with some severe weather conditions, The Grove needed a makeover, making sure our youth club was ready for young people use and enjoy throughout the Easter Holiday and during our open access evening sessions!

11  incredible staff members from SUEZ joined us at The Grove, where created a more visually appealing and safe environment around the club. During the day, the team got involved with litter picking, clearing out our sports cupboard, weeding, mowing the grass and clearing at the back of the club!

April 2, 2024

Young Bristol awarded Charity of the Year!

We are incredibly proud to announce that Young Bristol have been awarded "Charity of the Year" award at the Bristol Life awards!

On Wednesday 27th March 2024, our team attended the Bristol Life Awards and it was great to be recognised for our hard work and dedication to young people across Bristol!

In the last year, Young Bristol has seen an incredible amount of change and success! 2023 was a year of investment, development and growth at Young Bristol, where we have had an expansion in delivery for young people, an increase in partnerships with new youth organisations and businesses both locally and nationally, the securing of long-term funding for our vast programme of services, the introduction of innovative programmes that have transformed communities across the city, as well as significant investment in our people and our buildings.

People are standing and holding each other's shoulders
March 29, 2024

Core3 volunteer at Hartcliffe Club for Young People

Last week, we were delighted to invite the team from Core3 to Hartcliffe Club for Young People, where their generous volunteers dedicated their day to help improve our facilities for the benefit of young people.

After a long winter, with some severe weather conditions, Hartcliffe Club or Young people needed some attention, making sure our youth club was ready for young people use and enjoy throughout the Easter Holiday!

4 of Core3's incredible staff members joined us at Hartcliffe Club for Young People, where, with the help of our Club Leader, created a more visually appealing and safe environment around the club. During the day, the team litter picked around the club, cut down overgrown branches that were growing up the fence as well as raked and cleared the back garden, preparing the area for new additions coming soon!

March 27, 2024

Young Bristol host annual Night Hike 2024!

Last week, we hosted our annual Night Hike, Operation: Moonlit Wander. This activity was on offer for all young people across our Community Youth Club network to take part in!

32 young people participated in our Night Hike, racing against each other to complete the course, starting from Velvet Bottom and working together to make it to their finish point in Burrington. It was great to see teams take part from our Youth Clubs across the city: Avon Youth Club, BS14 Stockwood Youth Club, Hartcliffe Club for Young People, Youth Club on Wheels Henbury and Sea Mills Boys and Girls Club!

"The Night Hike was so much fun! It was so nice to meet the other youth clubs and the activity was very challenging, especially in the rain. Everyone did really well!"

- Melissa, Avon Youth Club

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